Tarot Party

How to host a Tarot Themed Bachelorette Party

A fun idea for a bachelorette party is to have a Tarot theme for your get together.  Not only is this a G rated activity, but it can be a blast for your guests.  It can provide entertainment and enlightenment – plus it is often an affordable solution for your party needs.

Here are a few tips to make sure your fete is a success:

  1. Make sure your guests are going to be comfortable with the Tarot theme.  Some people, for religious reasons, may not jive with any type of psychic stuff.  If you sense that tarot cards will make your guests squeamish, you may want to skip this idea altogether.  You may also decide to go ahead with the Tarot theme but you can let those guests know that they are not expected to participate.
  2. Decorate to match the theme. You may want a crystal ball or scarves hanging over the lamps. Christmas lights make a fun addition as well.
  3. Consider whether your guests may want privacy for readings.  You may need to set aside another room just for the readings.  A great tip: make the room look like a traditional fortune teller’s tent:  a table with colorful scarves, candles, a crystal ball, lots of flowers – get creative here to set the right mood!
  4. Video the readings.  You can then share the videos with your guests as a party favor.
  5. You may also want to create a fun “swag bag” with lottery tickets, good luck charms, a tarot card (make sure the card is a positive one), a crystal and a candle.  This will make your party truly memorable.
  6. If you decide that you want to have a male stripper and tarot readings, have them at separate times to keep the evening going strong – or put them in different rooms. Another option: do the readings at your location and then take your crew to the local strip club instead.  The more prudish guests may appreciate that – plus you can get crazy without wrecking your house!

Always remember that your bridal shower is about the bride.  Whether you decide to include tarot readings or a male stripper (or any other sort of entertainment), make sure that this is something that delights her and makes her day as fun and unforgettable as possible.